Kalafina 25 weeks challenge - Week 3

As if choosing one song wasn't hard enough, here we are with just another easy question.

Favourite album~!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am the Queen of not-being-able-to-choose-a-damn-thing-even-if-I-had-one-choice. 
Every album of Kalafina's is different, we have hauntingly fairy-taleish Red Moon and Seventh Heaven, After Eden in which Kalafina gives birth to their more mainstream sound, Consolation that was just good, and more experimental far on the water, not counting The Best Blue and Red, Kalafina with strings etc.

If I just take the album with the greatest number of my favourite songs, I guess that the answer to the initial question would have to be...

♪♫ Consolation ♫♪

I know, it surprised me too, because I'm know for my love for everything Red Moon related. And here I am choosing different album... Shame on me! 
Anyways, let's break down the tracklist.

al fine is the intro melody. I have to say that ouverture from Seventh Heaven is my most favourite intro song, but al fine is fine too~ (sorry for the horrible pun, my crack game is not so strong this week...). It's just standard and I feel like I was transported into an abandoned house in the middle of forest that has a long and forgotten happy history. The melodies the girls who lived there once can be heard when the moon is out and beautifully shining.

Consolation, the title song, was once not really liked by me. But then I saw the live performances and yup, you guessed it, I was mesmerized. The lyrics are what sold me in the end, though. This song is about accepting pain and suffering, asking why the God is so cruel, about being on a journey till the heart is satisfied even though it's known that their final wish will not be granted, but still believing that the Lord will hear their wish. The lyrics do not explicitly say that the god in question is Christian God and I quite like it this way, people have absolutely no reason to be butthurt (even though they will be, people have this amazing quality of being offended by anything). 
The song gives me courage to just go on and fight whatever comes my way, even though there are some voices telling me that in the end everything will just come apart and my wish will never become true. Well, suck it, destiny, I have Kalafina and I will kick your balls so hard your back will have a new set of boobs!

Kalafina Keiko

moonfesta is an amazing song! It's happy and you just have this need to have a party with forest animals inside said forest while the moon shines on. Teaparties with bunnies are so over-rated. Here come the teaparties with goats! Hell yeah, that's my jam!

moonfesta MV. Source
Door makes me sad. It's about loosing someone and reminiscing about the good ol' days. Wakana's voice is beautiful as always, tragic and full of nostalgia. I can just picture sitting in a chair, watching the rain fall, tea beside me, thinking about past, feeling that hurt practically rip me apart but still smiling a sweet smile because the memories are good. Ah, now I made myself cry, moving on!

Mirai is remade Credens Justitiam from the Madoka soundtracks. Many people say this song scares them, but I have Mirai connected to Mami and her cheerful smiles, fighting while being the innocent older sister, never giving up, doing everything for others. It's about heading towards the future while acknowledging the world is a terrible and dark place, but still, the future shines and so just let's go toward the light!

Hanataba is the reason why this album is my most favourite. This song made me cry. Repeatedly! And I am not even lying! The second half is usually spend trying to control my emotions. 
Okay, cheesy teenager confession time. Once, I read this absolutely amazing and heart-wrenching Vampire Knight fanfiction called The belly full of blood and near the end is a scene in which Zero leaves Kaname and goes off to save the world and the vampire race and to loose his life because he is a sacrificing idiot like that. When I read this scene, him leaving, running through the forest, Kaname waking up, finding Zero gone, everyone just collectively loosing their shit, I was listening to this song. And let's give Pavlov a cookie, because he was right and now the sadness I was experiencing while reading the fic is dragging me through the feelsland everytime this song plays.
Oh yeah, and also, accordion! Accordion!!!  It's a beautiful instrument and masterfully added to the song. Hanataba is my second most favourite song ever, the end ♥

Signal is the most kick-ass song Kalafina ever recorded, IMHO. It has this fuck it all attitude I love in songs. It's about going forward, being fucking angry, just going on and on, there is a tiny light near the ocean and I am gonna protect it because if I fuck it up just as I fucked up everything before I am not gonna forgive myself, because all the suffering of the past is my fuel. Yeah, amazing!

Signal performace, one of their best! Source
obbligato was never my favourite, but the it grew on me. Especially Wakana's 3:47 part with all those hauntigly beautiful high notes that are even higher that her normal high. In music language, obbligato is a part of a musical piece that should not be omitted under any circumstances. Basically, this song is about two lovers that are unable to become one, lamenting. There are so many references to music and notes that one can just guess who or what is the obbligato part of the love of those two. Amazingly different song ♥

Kiichigo no Shigemi ni is so freaking sad. The piano melody is love, the cello melody is pure sex (yeah, I love the cello parts), and the song is about lamenting the end of summer days, probably summer love, and just about everything that vanishes. It's sad song but on the other hand, it's incredibly calming. One of my most played!

Manten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sorry, I am excited, this song was used in Fate/Zero (one of my most favourite animes ever because I love everything Fate related!), and also this song my third favourite on this album, and is absolutely in my Top 10. The melody of the chorus is what makes me happy and the bridge is what I am living for. The song is once again (how surprising...) about the tragedy of living and the end of all things, but at the same time I can feel the rightness of that. Everything ends, dreams end and that's okay, because it's life. Toptop ♥

to the beginning  makes me happy, too. It gives me that feeling of starting over, because there is gonna be another miracle, and even though comfort is there, I don't give a fuck, I just go on and protect and be with my favourite person. The finish line is so far away that Asgard called an intruder alert, but hey, whatever, let's just go on, because I am gonna be with the person even though cold flames might burn us. 
...I should start writing lyrics, me retelling feelings is absolutely the best.
I love this song, tho! ♥

Hikari Furu is pain and suffering and everything white hot and unicorn tears rolled into one song. It's beautiful and amazing and so fucking gorgeous but it hurts. And makes me cry. I think that vocals in this song are superb, the girls did such an amazing job on this song, the melodies are everything beautiful, the emotions are killing me but that's okay, because this song is so beautiful it can kill me and dehydrate me and I will die with a smile on my face because this song is love!

Yume no Daichi is a strange song. It's calming on hand, but on the other hand it can kick my ass into action. I love the percussion and I think that it's a welcomed calm break after all that pain and suffering of other songs on this album. All in all, I think this song is mediocre but perfect on this album. It gives this feeling of the land of dream being near, one just has to stretch out their arms and everything will be okay.
Yume no Daichi MV. Source

Phew, I just did a review on the whole album. In the end, I can see how this is my favourite album :D The song flow together beautifully and I feel like no song is out of place. This album makes sense as a whole! ♥