Kalafina 25 weeks Challenge: Week 2

It's unbelievable, but here I am, writing the second week of the Kalafina challenge! Just 23 more to go and I will complete it!
I feel full of optimism now~

Anyways, week 2 is: Favourite song!

Oh God... Favourite song? Really? I have their whole discography on my iPod, I love them all!
Okay, let's think. Favourite song... 

Sooo, Red Moon, Hanataba, Usumurasaki, Manten, Consolation, Marchen and Fairytale are all my most played songs by far. I love their diversity, but if I would have to choose just one, I will have to go with one of the most 'favourite song' category cited songs ever, and that is~

Red Moon!

Kalafina Red Moon concert

Ah yes, such a surprise here, right? There was a time when everybody loved the song, now mostly people love the song secretly and hate it publicly because other people love it. 
This song is really special for me. Ever since I heard it, it's been such an inspirational kick for me. Sometimes I find myself with totally empty head, no ideas in sight, just empty and windy and dusty. But then I listen to Red Moon and suddenly there is like a giant tsunami of ideas drowning me and my cow. The song is dark and powerful and I have this feeling of bathing in the moonshine, embracing my dark side, all my sadness and making peace with this unnamed longing. Just becoming okay with this ugly world, acknowledging the disgusting truth about living and loving and letting the feeling flow trough me. And that feeling becomes my inspiration, as once my coworker at faculty said 'it's your good bad!'. 
There have been many songs of Kalafina's that really moved me, but with Red Moon I feel very vulnerable and stripped of everything, face to face with my darkest parts and surprisingly feeling not afraid. It is making me stronger.It's like falling in love with your ugliness and being completely okay with it.
(I think I should write romantic and epic literature...X~X)

Vocally, this song is better, imho, when sang live. I don't know why, but the vocals are more pronounced, more desperate, the girls sing like they are hurt and the only thing keeping them alive is singing this song. And that brings me to tears (no lying here, there was only one performance of Red Moon when I didn't cry. My parents were in the room...). Especially Hikaru's part 'eating flowers with dirty hands' is my favourite, there is just something about this part, she sounds so wrecked and I love it.
Personally, I think I love this song at the Consiolation and Best: Blue concerts. They just had this power and overall I think the girls were very comfortable at those lives and so were able to deliver such beautiful performances.
There is that dirty little secret of mine that includes Vampire Knight, Belly Full of Blood and Landslide and it is tied to Kalafina and Red Moon is actually the song that started it all, and I would like to talk about this link between Kalafina and Vampire Knight later. Just know that sometimes one song can spark over seven years lasting obsession, eternal inspiration and an epic journey full of ideas that span the music, art and couture lands. Over 70% of what I created over this time and 100% of what I will create next year is because of this one tiny chance I heard Red Moon.
Dang, live journeys are so damn complicated and when you look back at them, you have to only laugh and say 'hey, thanks to everything I am here right now, and it all started this one moment'. So, yeah, Red Moon is more than a song to me... ♥

Kalafina Red Moon concert

Lyrics, source:

[kontia store
ee maria
maria dore
ema asorta mia daro]

When I reached out my hand
and touched you
a single high note
came into my heart
we watched the sky
getting dark together
and the world
which continues everywhere
was calling

By falling in love and learning pain
we become human
beyond the night you cried
resound the cymbals of time

I surely believe
that our karma which is
drawn in the sky plays the song of love
the tears of the
red moon, quiet music
as if to share
the light with each other

[sarami amari kantia atore]

Because your voice called out to me
I felt the first wish was born
taking your hand, I chase
through the endless sky,
the red moonlight
of June

In the sea of tears we were born in
how many times do people scream?
the collapsed dream,
inside the shadows
“let there be light”
HALLELUJAH, resound!

To stay alive—
Why does that simple karma
bring pain
instead of happiness?
I’m always dreaming
of quiet music
to reach the distance where
I sleep with you

When I touched you
the first song was born in this world

[kanti store
toda kore
marti store
marka torda
kanti store
toda kore
marti store
marka torda]

In the smashed summer
The song of grief resounds
love and dreams someday disappear
my voice still can’t reach

Eating flowers with dirty hands
I’ll be living with you
the dream of destruction, beyond time
can’t you hear?
the distant HALLELUJAH?

In the sky, just once is fine
resound the song of love,
like a flame
violent quiet music
will overflow
the red moon dreams
in the last sky

tomari soltia konstia midia
debari soltia martia filtia
tomari soltia konstia midia
debari mortia samari no doche
[sti iya]