MV: Talor Swift - Look What You Made me do

Oh yes, I listen to western music, shocking, right?

There is quite a big number of people that don't like Taylor. I think that people love to hate her, I bet they heard like one song of hers and started bashing her because media did so. Those who genuinely don't like her music are very rare exceptions. It's apparently cool to make stupid videos full of hateful spit just because she's Taylor. Y'all, she dated Tom, you jelly?

I wasn't a big of hers some four or so years ago, but since she released her 1989 album, I've been in love. And this new Taylor is even better!
Now, she is someone who is owning her reputation, she is rocking the lying snake image everyone slapped on her. She basically took every bad thing that was said/written/done to her, made a cocoon out of it and transformed into this beautiful lady who does not care. And she has every right not to care.

People are gonna hate her just because or because their favourites don't like her, but I think it's pretty stupid, all these fandom wars. But still better than South Korea, right?

The song itself has a very Halloween-esque beginning, and honestly, don't expect any building shattering high notes or some amazing vocal work. What makes this song so great is the almost spoken chorus, teasing and eyebrow-raised toned. The bridge is what makes me happy, it's sung almost linear but it just works! The whole is very simple vocal-wise, but the atmosphere is what plays the leading role here. It's dark, teasing, really reminds me of noire songs with a lil' bit of r'n'b thrown in there. 

Taylor is a queen and she deserves nice things. 
I think this song is so empowering! I love this style of songs, just don't care about people's toxic opinions. If they don't like her, yeah, so what. She has a tube full of diamonds in which she can cry~ (I am aware that originally, she was supposed to sit in a tube full of pearls, but, whatever, upgrade!).  

The video is seriously visual goals, all those crystal chandeliers, guys rocking those high heels (probably my favourite part of the whole video, right after the ending), having a golden car, just being glamorous and delivering a fucking important message - people can try dragging you down, you just have to rise from the dead, be reborn and throw their hate right back into their face because you're better than before! #Queengoals #HatersToTheLeft