Fanatic: New magazine by Bunka college students

Last time we talked about several magazines shutting down. But some are just being born! Melt, Eternita, and now 'Fanatic'.

Fanatic's mothers, their styles are unique and interesting!
Four students of the prestigious Bunka Fashion college in Tokyo launched this magazine at the end of March 2017. Their names are Rizna, Fuki, Haruka and Mei and I love their philosophy that even in this digital era we still need a printed magazine! It's true that nothing beats the feeling of having a fashion bible in your hands and not on your phone ♥

They intend to publish several issues a year, but if Fanatic becomes a hit there is a chance of increasing the frequency~

Fanatic, new Harajuku fashion magazine
Fanatic magazine's cover, source
In the first issue there are street snaps (you know, if you have a Harajuku magazine and don't have at least some street snaps, it's not a Harajuku fashion magazine!), interviews with indie brand designers, editorial shoots and fashion articles. Just as it should be in every good fashion magazine! I think that given the magazine is led by just students, it will get even better over time and one day Fanatic will be as awesome and loved as Kera once was.
One can buy the magazine at many resale and vintage shops in Tokyo, unfortunately I haven't found yet where you can buy it online. But if you know someone currently in Tokyo, ask them to buy the magazine for you ;} translated their English manifesto, all credit goes to them ♥ (Reading the manifesto is so beautiful, but it's just dust in my eyes!)

In order to raise up the fashion culture of contemporary Japan, Tokyo, and Harajuku, we four students of the Bunka Fashion College have launched FANATIC Magazine.
We are working every day to preserve the history of modern fashion through a resurrection of print media, focusing on the inexpressible things which will someday disappear from social media and the internet, shaping a new era of fashion that is both emotionally and visually vibrant as we create a chronicle for our own and future generations.
We are currently producing a free seasonal paper four times a year. Next year we will focus on announcements and sponsorships; it is our dream to receive a barcode and line shelves in bookstores around the country, and even around the world. For the time being – following our launch – we are focusing our distribution in vintage clothing stores and beauty salons in the Tokyo neighborhoods of Harajuku, Shimokitazawa, and Koenji. We will also accept orders through e-mail so that people outside Tokyo can get their hands on our magazine.
The theme of FANATIC’s first issue is “self-expression”. We have gathered together snapshots and projects with a focus on people who are able to express themselves and their own personality.
FANATIC Magazine is edited at the Student Center, and a lot of the people introduced in it are students themselves. The reason for this is that in today’s world, while people with a lot of followers on social media have their creations seen and evaluated, we still think it unfair that other students producing really interesting creations of their own are limited by how many social media followers they have. This is the forum for our desire to be more fair and to introduce a larger number of people to the Japanese students who will be responsible for fashion culture in the future, as we allow these children to spread their wings and expand their horizons.

In addition, our cover concept is “Remember how we felt back then, because we want to be our true selves.” Let’s begin by looking at the naked, unornamented self. That beating of your heart when you first like someone, when you first yearn for them. You’d forgotten that feeling, right? Let’s remember the true self, innocent, gentle, without ostentation, the self that was pure. We have produced a first issue in order to make people feel this way more and more as they turn the pages.

In summer, there was a Fanatic party and I want to show you some shots from there, those people are so freaking awesome!!! (Source:

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