Who am I? (Doesn't matter, but who are YOU?)

As once Tommy heavenly6 said: 
I am not your perfect you
I'm not your wish come true
I'm not your cupcake filling
I'm not your lollipop peeling
I'm not your fairy lullaby
I'm not your once upon a time
I'm not always so friendly
But I am not always your enemy
(But you can try me~)

Pic and edit: Kristyna Hodakova
I think these lyrics describe me quite well, actually. I am not claiming to be the best at what I do, or to be the perfect hime lolita people sometimes picture me as. I have many flaws (hello there, my moodiness! And also, give a shout-out to my picture perfect sarcasm, love you, bro!) and my creations have many flaws. But I think that I have a passion for what I do, and sometimes my ideas aren't half bad. Which is why I created this blog. 
Some of you know that one of my biggest dreams is to inspire other people, to help them come out of their shell and just be creative, fuck what other people think! I want to remind people that if Harujuku fashion, photography, illustrations, make-up, fashion and whatever else kind of artsy fills your being with happiness and is the reason you get up every morning, it's not just a 'hobby'. It's your purpose and you should be damn proud of yourself, because not everyone can lead such a powerfully creative life as you do! 

"To care about what other people think is to become boring" - Yoshiaki, genderless boy and a damn big inspiration
Yoshiaki and his sister. Here is his instagram and go follow him, you're welcome B>
In short, the reason why I am giving the world a chance to either love or hate my work (and trust me when I say I am quite self-conscious about my creations...) is YOU. If you, by any chance, become inspired by what I do, then my purpose has been fulfilled. I mean, something like 'too much alternative fashion' doesn't exist. Period. Who doesn't like your style, hit them with the newest issue of Melt. Seriously, you don't need this kind of negativity in your life, especially not when it comes from someone whose biggest adventure was yesterday's toilet seance after eating too many plums. Their ties and pencil skirts can't measure up to your pumps or frilled JSKs with life-sized boats. 
(Oh god, I feel like a giant jerk right now, well, doesn't matter, let's just agree that their world and your world are different and they have no right to say how you should dress. Are you killing someone? No, so they can just waddle off. But if you are, by any chance killing someone, I think we need to have a word...)

Also, the second reason is (yay for staying on topic for longer periods of time!) our Czech lolita community. They are the best! Yes, of course, some people are not the best, but my friends are the best! I get often asked about my makeup or my sewing, and I see this blog as a perfect opportunity just to have all my tutorials and reviews in one place, so they can learn what they need. They are my babies and I need to be a helpful mama ♥

The next reason is shameless self-propagation, because of my brand! Oh yes, I think this is a very important fact to state, I have an indie brand! Lolita, haute couture, Harajuku fashion, I mix and match styles and give them my own twist and I love it. For those interested and those who haven't seen the huge banner on the right sidebar, here is the link~ L'Hortenia de la forêt ♥

Well, my ramblings are all over the place, so let's just add some facts, shall we?
I am a PhD student at Brno University of Technology, faculty of chemistry, Biotechnology is my home~! (My gosh, I have a degree and I still feel like a five year old with an attitude problem, go me!)
I've been into lolita and Japanese fashion for about 16 years now, I guess? I am planning on writing a detailed journey of mine through my ita and WTFFF??? stages in my early teens, so stay tuned and you will be spectators at my public humiliation!
I am mostly inspired by music, so yeah, you will see a LOT of music references and 'you have to listen to this!'s.
I've been sewing for about ten years or so, I guess, so if you want to ask something, I think my advice will be good. At least in some cases, let's be real!
I love doing fashion shows, be it as a model or as the head boss, so fashion shows and how to act before/during/after them is going to be a topic of some of my articles.
Sometimes I cosplay. Yes, that's right, hide your wives and your children's innocence, I cosplay!
I recently got into photography, I am NOT an expert so maybe your eyes will bleed and you will get a migraine because of some of the shots, but hey, it can get only better, right? *silently cries in pixels*
One of my dreams is to draw my very own manga and become a respected lolita illustrator, so not only that your eyes will want to kill themselves because of my amateurish photos, say hello to my doodles!

If there is anything you want to know, just send me and email, or contact me through facebook or any other platform, I don't bite if people don't attack ♪♫♪

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