Kalafina 25 weeks Challenge: Week 1

Okay, let me be straightforward. I have never finished a challenge. 
Like ever. 
Be it the famous 30 days lolita challenge, 25 days jrock challenge, or come play everyday for a week Candy Crush challenge. But in my defense, those were DAILY challenges! I am a total failure when it comes to doing something daily. The only thing I am sure to do daily is to drink coffee and watch stupid videos on youtube.
This is a] a KALAFINA (♥♥♥) challenge
and b] a weekly challenge. That sounds like something I can keep up with. Just let me set up my weekly reminders on my phone and I am good to go~

The idea behind this challenge was created by the most amazing You turn it into light . It is a tumblr challenge, but hey, I need content on this blog. And it is my blog, so this will be my let's-pretend-this-is-a-tumblrblog-and-not-a-bloggerblog challenge.

If you don't know who Kalafina is, well now, let me educate you~

Kalafina Lacrimosa

So, week one is

How did you find Kalafina?

Uhm. Have I ever mentioned my memory is bad? Let's think. It was around 2009, I guess? Pretty early on in their career. Even back then I admired Kajiura Yuki and as she is their producer, I was bound to stumble upon the trio sooner or later.
I was a big fan of Pandora Hearts and FictionJuction did the opening. I really loved the "short one with the bangs" from the vocalists (yeah, Keiko was my instant crush).
Then I watched Kuroshitsuji and I was like 'the ending! The ending song is my blood and life and my soul and I know that voice!!!" (hint, the alto was painfully familiar to me. Ah, Keiko, you have truly ruined me and made me fall for you~). And so I discovered Kalafina. Lacrimosa is still one of my most favourite songs by them up to date.

Also, is it me or did a lot of people find Kalafina thanks to Kuroshitsuji? Yuki's involvement in the anison world does miracles~

Here, have a taste of heaven ♥