Review: Enzyme Powder Wash - Tosowoong

Tosowoong, Enzyme Powder Wash claims to deep-cleanse skin without drying it out, suiting every skin type, and generally people love it. So, will I?

Tosowoong Enzyme Powder Wash

I am always out on a hunt for the ideal facewash. Since my skin is always doing whatever it wants, I need about five different cleansers for it's every whim. I decided to try out this one after I read raving reviews about it, and I also wanted to try a powder wash! Powder! Wash!

My skin: First of all, let's just state that my skin is the worst someone could ever have! It's dehydrated, oily, acne-prone with giant pores. 

What this wash claims to do: It's an enzyme wash, so naturally you can expect nothing ordinary. Enzyme washes are peeling's cousins. Enzyme break down the dirt accumulated in your pores, gets rid of dead skin cells and reveals your new beautiful skin underneath. It's thanks to papain, an enzyme derived from papayas. Don't want to get too deep with my chemical knowledge, just know that this enzyme is good and it's not an irritant for about 80% of population. Except when your skin is also allergic to almost anything on this earth. Also, don't let it get into your eyes or mouth (one time it got into my mouth, and somehow it caused me to suffer from mouth ulcers for a whole week. Not nice!).

It's pH is: 5.5 which is great news, and it's the ideal pH for a cleanser to have! Never, NEVER use cleanser with high pH, I am talking about some cleansers with pH around 8 or 9 or even higher. Toss those out, toss them and never look at them again! Alkaline pH is NOT what you want your cleanser to have. 5.5 is great!

Ingredients: Zea mays (corn) starch, sodium lauroyl aspartate, sodium cocoyl isethionate, sodium palmitate, sodium lauryl sulfate, titanium dioxide, dipotassium glycyrrhizate, methylparaben, alcohol denat., perfume, maltodextrin, papain, badger oil

CosDNA analysis says: SLS is not good (5 as a potentional acne trigger, also 2 as irritant), another irritants are alcohol denat (high 5) and papain can be irritant (0-3) but as I said this one denepds on your skin. Another interesting this is, titanium dioxide which actually sunscreen is not for everyone. There is some fragrance that doesn't have to suit everyone, and methylparaben used as a preservative here can put off some people. 

Fragrance: Yes, but to me it's such a great smell! It smells powdery (please call me Miss Obvious), but it's a soft, cottony kind of smell. It reminds of powders my grandma used to show me in private when my mum wasn't watching, because make-up was between me and grandma, out little secret ♥

Packaging: I love the packaging! It's build so you can't take out too much powder (unless you are an idiot like me and does all kinds of strange shakes, because yes, I can). The bottle is plastic, but it is quite sturdy.
Tosowoong Enzyme Powder Wash
The system is build so only a little amount of powder can be used in one bottle-tipping, no accidental spilling can occur ♥

Lathering it up: It's quite easy once you get the hang of how to turn powder into lather! A small amount is enough for the whole face. You can use your hands or apparently a konjac sponge. Don't expect the lather to be some kind of miraculous clouds, but it's enough!

Performance: So the time for me to tell the truth has come. First of all, this cleanser is not stripping, it doesn't leave you skin with that squeaky clean feeling (which is actually not good. Western cosmetic companies are selling you lies bad for you skin when they say that squeaky clean is the best. Nope! It just means your skin has been stripped of it's natural healthy and protective barrier and your cleanser should never do that!). 
It leaves my skin feeling smooth , seriously, the first day I couldn't keep my hands off my face, it felt just like a baby's butt ♥ 
It does it's job in getting rid of dead skin cells and cleaning my pores. I am not talking about anything miraculous but I'm always surprised when there is a cleanser that is not oil based, but cleans my pores. It's great! I had to massage my face, especially my forehead and my cheeks and nose for about two minutes each cleansing session, but hey, relax and be prepared to have your pores vacuumed out B>
It doesn't irritate my skin. This is a giant plus. There hasn't been any redness since I started using this, and it also didn't break me out. It's seriously once of the most gentle cleansers ever. For me, at least!
Also, I use this baby after my oil cleanser. So also, this wash is great to use as the second cleanser, after an oil one. There are some cleanser that can't get rid of the oil residue and cleanse the skin, this one is not one of them, it can do anything!

Price: It's cheap! Like, holly shit, I expected this to cost me a leg and an arm, but it's about 10 bucks! It's really wallet friendly ♥

What's bad: Okay, there is one thing I hated about this. Just about month in, I got something that looked like eczema on my palms. Using my off-and-on-again tactic, I concluded that my hand apparently hated this stuff and so I had to either suffer through the crazy itching or use gloves. Other than that, all's fine.

Conclusion: This stuff is great! Really, if you are looking for a gentle yet throughout cleanser that does what it claims to do, go for it! It doesn't dry out your skin, cleanses your pores, doesn't irritate the skin (except when you can't stand SLS), and is crazy cheap! I mean, go for this one ♥

Rating: 4.5/5 BUY THAT SHIT
(0.5 minus because of the irritation of my hands' palms)