Kalafina 25 weeks challenge: Week 4

Clothing is my passion and I breathe dress! But you know, choosing my favourite, really? I love everything!

Today's topic is favourite dress ♥

Kill me now. Choosing one is simply impossible, because, have you seen Kalafina? Their dresses are pure perfection! I would marry their stylist in a hearbeat.
And that's why I simply refuse to have one favourite dress, I am gonna list three which I really love. Period. Because I can :D

The first one is~
Their 2013 Christmas dresses. White big dress and red belt? Oh hell yeah!!! I want to make love to these dresses, I want to marry these dresses, I want to have these dresses' baby.

Next are their newest - the Hyakka Ryoran outfits! I wan so excited once Kalafina said they are gonna make a single inspired by the traditional Japanese music. And once I saw their outfits I knew these are gonna be one of my most favourites! ♥

The last ones are their 'far on the water' live dresses. I just love the rhinestones and the bling of these! They are so beautiful! I think I love Hikaru's dress the most because of the colour - hello there, the most beautiful shade of purple to ever exist~ 

You know, I could go all day about how their various outfits are the most beautiful and amazing to ever exist, but yeah, I said three and so here you have my top three! ♥

Honourable mentions:

Winter 2016


'The Best ...' 

The famous ancient Red Moon dresses

Aaaaand that's a wrap! I nearly didn't finish this in time, but hey, it's here and I have this strange urge to just make something similarly beautiful, wonder how could that have happened to me~ ♥