Photoshoot: Arisu as Lorraine Baines

Some skills have to be honed and photography is one of them. Fortunately, I have amazing friends that give me the opportunities to further polish my (non-existent at this moment, let's just be honest here) photography skills. Some time ago my dear friend Temi (CHECK her out, like NOW!) asked me to come and take some photos with her of our beautiful cosplayer friend Arisu (just go HERE! You'll love her! ♥) as Lorraine Baines from the movie Back to the Future. 

I admit, I was quite afraid at first, because while I love everything vintage, I wasn't sure if I would be able to capture something sweetly nostalgic, energetic, yet at the same time mature, just like Lorraine. The sun wasn't on our side, the shadows were quite sharp and our first location (a beautiful garden with a gazebo) was unfortunately closing soon after our arrival. But I, luckily, remembered a fountain with some beautiful flowers nearby and that's where most of our photos were taken.
I was trying to cancel out blacks, take down the saturation and then had two colour parties - cool shades and pink/yellow shades, that's why there are seemingly two sets of photos. In my defense, I was listening to Lana del Rey while editing the photos and her songs could also be divided into two coloured moods! :D

Arisu is a beauty. And she is naturally photogenetic, so I didn't have any problem with her looking like an alien in the photos and I was able to take some beautiful shots. As you know, I am all about being natural, I hate photos where you can tell the model is just standing/sitting in one position for some time. I like dynamic photos, photos with stories, photos that look like they were taken and then the moment was gone forever. And I thing I kind of did exactly that in this photoshoot! ♥

I am also happy that Arisu like my photos, and I am looking forward to our next collab~
In the meantime, once again, CHECK HER OUT HERE!!! ♥

Warning: Do not take these pics and claim that you are the author. If you want to post them ANYWHERE, ask me or Arisu. If I find out they are just running around without my watermark and without credits, I will be fucking angry.
If you like them, please let us know~
If you have any constructive critique, please let me know, I am still only learning and any new tips are welcomed! ♥