Photoshoot: Mitsu & Lednice castle

So the other day me and my dear friend Mitsu (all hail MTsu, the one and only lolita queen! *insert the national anthem here*) and her boyfriend went to visit one of my colleagues at Lednice castle. It's a beautiful place, I really love it! Maybe a bit overused, but whatever, I like it ♥

Anyways, we went there and I had to take some pictures of Mitsu in the gardens. We got there like one/two hours before the sun set and so I was blessed with a window of beautiful golden light time. And then I was cursed because I haven't got my tripod with me and the window was like five seconds long and so I had to improvise and out of the two hundred shots I took, only about seventeen was okay.

But that doesn't matter! I am glad I was able to take some nice pics of MTsu~ She's always a great model, she knows her good side, her poses, really, one can only stand and click away and she will just dance around being all beautiful and model-y :D

It was my first photoshoot with me behind the camera so I was kind of scared of how it will turn out (especially since the sun was so agreeable, thanks bro, really glad you could help!), but I think, subjectively, that in the end I got some pretty shots, learned a ton of new things and I am so glad I was able to shoot with MTsu! ♥

!!!MTsu's homepage is here!!! Go visit that beautiful lady ♫

Warning: Do not take these pics and claim that you are the author. If you want to post them ANYWHERE, ask me or Mitsu. If I find out they are just running around without my watermark and without credits, I will be fucking angry.
If you like them, please let us know~
If you have any constructive critique, please let me know, I am still only learning and any new tips are welcomed! ♥